Dates download

Here you can subscribe or download all dates of THW Kiel as a calendar in iCalendar (ICS) format.

We offer the following versions of the calendar:

Subscribe calendar via WebCal

Use one of the following URLs in your Outlook, iCal, Google calendar or iPhone/iPad:

or click - for example on your iPhone/iPad - on one of the following buttons:

With the subscription you'll be always up to date without manual updating.

That's why this is the way we recommend to get your THW dates.

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Download ICS calendar file

If you want to download the THW dates for importing it into your organizer because you a subscription is not possible you can click on one of the following buttons:

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Calendar file for Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003 has problems importing normal valid ICS files.

So here are the links for Outlook 2003 compatible THW ICS files:

Calendar for Outlook 2003 - Only THW official matches
Calendar for Outlook 2003 - All THW dates
Calendar for Outlook 2003 - Alle THW dates incl. German national team