The team 2010/2011

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Team 2010/2011
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Jan Bock Dr. Detlev Brandecker Henrik Lundström Dominik Klein Thierry Omeyer Andreas Palicka Christian Sprenger Christian Zeitz Alfred Gislason Ole Viken Oliver Thormählen Milutin Dragicevic Daniel Narcisse Marcus Ahlm Aron Palmarsson Tobias Reichmann Uwe Brandenburg Dr. Frank Pries Daniel Kubes Filip Jicha Kim Andersson Momir Ilic Jerome Fernandez
Above from left:
team doctor Dr. Frank Pries, Jerome Fernandez, Daniel Kubes, Filip Jicha, Kim Andersson, Momir Ilic, official Oliver Thormählen
Middle from left:
osteopath Jan Bock, physio therapist Uwe Brandenburg, Tobias Reichmann, Aron Palmarsson, captain Marcus Ahlm, Daniel Narcisse, Milutin Dragicevic, athletics coach Ole Viken
Below from left:
team doctor Dr. Detlev Brandecker, Henrik Lundström, Dominik Klein, Thierry Omeyer, Andreas Palicka, Christian Sprenger, Christian Zeitz, coach Alfred Gislason
Not on the picture:
general manager Ulrich Derad, general manager Sabine Holdorf-Schust, Robert Arrhenius, general manager Klaus Elwardt

The team 2010/2011

No.NamePositionDate of birthSizeWeightNat.Int. matchesIn team since
1 Thierry Omeyer Goalkeeper 02.11.76 1,91m 95kg FRA 254FRA 2006
12 Andreas Palicka Goalkeeper 10.07.86 1,89m 90kg SWE 21 WE 2008
Back area:
77 Jerome Fernandez Left back 07.03.77 1,99m 106kg FRA 319FRA 2010
39 Filip Jicha Left back 19.04.82 2,01m 103kg CZE 113CZE 2007
17 Daniel Kubes Left back 07.02.78 2,00m 110kg CZE 106CZE 2010
31 Momir Ilic Left back 22.12.81 2,00m 100kg SRB 73SRB 2009
25 Daniel Narcisse Center, left back 16.12.79 1,89m 93kg FRA 210FRA 2009
24 Aron Palmarsson Center, left back 19.07.90 1,92m 97kg ISL 23ISL 2009
5 Kim Andersson Right back 21.08.82 2,00m 95kg SWE 176SWE 2005
20 Christian Zeitz Right back, right wing 18.11.80 1,86m 92kg GER 166GER 2003
33 Dominik Klein Left wing 16.12.83 1,90m 86kg GER 128GER 2006
6 Henrik Lundström Left wing 13.11.79 1,85m 85kg SWE 90SWE 2004
11 Christian Sprenger Right wing 06.04.83 1,90m 90kg GER 75GER 2009
19 Tobias Reichmann Right wing 27.05.88 1,88m 85kg GER   2009
4 Robert Arrhenius Pivot 14.05.79 1,95m 100kg SWE 191SWE 2010
13 Marcus Ahlm Pivot 07.07.78 2,00m 106kg SWE 114SWE 2003
7 Milutin Dragicevic Pivot 21.04.83 1,87m 100kg SRB 15SRB 2010
  Alfred Gislason coach 07.09.59 1,91m 111kg ISL 190ISL 2008
  Ole Viken athl. coach 25.02.66 1,84m 82kg NOR   2008
  Uli Derad 26.06.65 1,75m 78kg GER 22GER 2009
  Klaus Elwardt 07.12.55 GER 1GER 2009
  Sabine Holdorf-Schust 05.07.54 GER   1999


The head of the medical team: Dr. Frank Pries, Uwe Brandenburg and Dr. Detlev Brandecker.
Klicken Sie zum Vergrößern! The head of the medical team: Dr. Frank Pries, Uwe Brandenburg and Dr. Detlev Brandecker.

Medical team

Press and public relations

Arena speaker


Average age of team

28.1 years

Average height of team


Leaving players before the season 2010/2011

New recruitments for the season 2010/2011

The new ones: Milutin Dragicevic and Daniel Kubes.
Klicken Sie zum Vergrößern! The new ones: Milutin Dragicevic and Daniel Kubes.

New recruitments during the season 2010/2011

Leaving players during the season 2010/2011

New recruitments for the season 2012/2013