The champions team 2017/2018

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Team 2017/2018
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Doctor Dr. Frank Pries Doctor Dr. Detlev Brandecker Emil Frend Öfors Rune Dahmke Domagoj Duvnjak Niclas Elberg Ole Rahmel Athletics coach Lasse Bork Head coach Alfred Gislason Miha Zarabec Lukas Nilsson Steffen Weinhold Andreas Wolff Niklas Landin Nikola Bilyk Christian Zeitz Raul Santos Physio therapist Maik Bolte Osteopath Jan Bock Sebastian Firnhaber Marko Vujin Captain Rene Toft Hansen Patrick Wiencek Christian Dissinger Physio therapist Stephan Lienau Official Michael Menzel
Above from left:
physio therapist Maik Bolte, osteopath Jan Bock, Sebastian Firnhaber, Marko Vujin, captain Rene Toft Hansen, Patrick Wiencek, Christian Dissinger, official Michael Menzel, physio therapist Stephan Lienau
Middle from left:
Raul Santos, Christian Zeitz, Nikola Bilyk, Niklas Landin Jacobsen, Andreas Wolff, Steffen Weinhold, Lukas Nilsson, Miha Zarabec
Below from left:
team doctor Dr. Frank Pries, team doctor Dr. Detlev Brandecker, Emil Frend Öfors, Rune Dahmke, Domagoj Duvnjak, Niclas Ekberg, Ole Rahmel, athletics coach Lasse Bork, head coach Alfred Gislason
Not on the picture:
general manager Thorsten Storm, assistant coach Christian Sprenger, sports director Viktor Szilagyi

The team 2017/2018

No.NamePositionDate of birthSizeWeightNat.Int. matchesIn team since
1 Niklas Landin Goalkeeper 19.12.88 2,01m 102kg DEN 168DEN 2015
77 Andreas Wolff Goalkeeper 03.03.91 1,98m 110kg GER 54GER 2016
Back area:
65 Lukas Nilsson Left back 16.11.96 1,92m 95kg SWE 38SWE 2016
15 Christian Dissinger Left back 15.11.91 2,02m 102kg GER 17GER 2015
5 Sebastian Firnhaber Left back, pivot 18.04.94 1,98m 97kg GER   2016
4 Domagoj Duvnjak Left back, center 01.06.88 1,98m 100kg CRO 184CRO 2014
53 Nikola Bilyk Left back, center 28.11.96 1,98m 94kg AUT 41AUT 2016
24 Miha Zarabec Center 12.10.91 1,78m 75kg SLO 32SLO 2017
20 Christian Zeitz Right back 18.11.80 1,86m 92kg GER 166GER 2016
41 Marko Vujin Right back, center 07.12.84 2,01m 104kg SRB 122SRB 2012
13 Steffen Weinhold Right back, center 19.07.86 1,91m 100kg GER 96GER 2014
92 Raul Santos Left wing 01.06.92 1,80m 74kg AUT 70AUT 2016
23 Rune Dahmke Left wing 10.04.93 1,89m 81kg GER 30GER 2012
21 Emil Frend Öfors Left wing 13.09.94 1,93m 92kg SWE 12SWE 2017
18 Niclas Ekberg Right wing 23.12.88 1,91m 89kg SWE 151SWE 2012
22 Ole Rahmel Right wing 19.11.89 1,90m 93kg GER 5GER 2017
7 Rene Toft Hansen Pivot 01.11.84 2,00m 110kg DEN 122DEN 2012
17 Patrick Wiencek Pivot 22.03.89 2,00m 110kg GER 105GER 2012
  Alfred Gislason coach 07.09.59 1,91m ISL 190ISL 2008
  Christian Sprenger assistant coach 06.04.83 1,90m 94kg GER 86GER 2009
  Thorsten Storm 06.10.64 1,85m 80kg GER   2014

Additional players:

No.NamePositionDate of birthSizeWeightNat.Int. matches / InfoIn team since
27 Thies Bergemann Right wing 19.11.1996 1,88m 80kg GER Double play right for THW, second play right: Altenholz 07/2017
26 Lucas Firnhaber Right back 23.04.97 2,00m 93kg GER Double play right for THW, second play right: Altenholz 01/2016
16 Tom Landgraf Goalkeeper 11.03.96 1,98m 115kg GER Double play right for THW, first play right: Altenholz 07/2016
27 Ferris Klotz Pivot 26.05.1998 1,98m GER 07/2017
32 Tim Wendt Goalkeeper 13.01.97 1,83m 98kg GER 11/2017

Sports Director

Viktor Szilagyi


Medical team

Athletics coach

Press and public relations

Arena speaker


Average age of team

25.5 years

Average height of team


Leaving players and officials before the season 2017/2018

New recruitments for the season 2017/2018

New recruitments during the season 2017/2018

Leaving players after the season 2017/2018

New recruitments for the season 2017/2018